1. Initial intention

PodFind.xyz is not designed to be a podcast search engine.

In fact, I would prefer it to be helping you gain new awareness. You can:

2. Why choose podcasts

In terms of format, podcasts require recording equipment and multi-person conversations, which act as a filter and also provide possibilities for in-depth viewpoint exchanges. Therefore, I tend to believe that the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) of podcasts is higher.

3. Free to use?

Yes! It's purely for fun. Your donation will keep this site alive a little longer. (2023-10 Update: This service is now on Vercel, so no new server cost now.)

Alternatively, you can support my other (iOS) products!

4. Future plans

Many audio files don't have timestamps. In the future(if funds are available), I'll add Whisper to build timestamp for every episode, so you can directly listen to relevant segments.

Anyway, have fun! Contact: [email protected]

Server cost so far:

Your donation keeps this website alive. Email me to display your name and avatar as thanks.

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